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Directions to Tizzana from Sydney Airport

Take Southern Cross Drive (M1) to Sydney (Eastern Distributor). Tollway to Harbour Tunnel (Toll $3.20). Emerge on North side of Harbour and continue North on M1.

Follow the Newcastle sign on F1 Gore Hill - freeway. This freeway becomes Epping Road (M2 Motorway).

Follow signs to M2 Motorway (Toll $3.30). Follow signs through to the end of this Motorway (15km).

At end of M2 Motorway, turn right along Old Windsor Road and follow to Windsor Road (end of Old Windsor Road). Turn left onto Windsor Road and follow through to Windsor.

Tizzana - merging the old with the new

Location of Tizzana in relation to Windsor

Location of Tizzana in relation to Windsor


Approximately 15 minutes from Windsor or just over an hour from Sydney, Tizzana is set in a tranquil valley off the Hawkesbury River.

After crossing the Hawkesbury River at Windsor travel north along the Wilberforce / Putty Road for approximately five kilometres to Wilberforce.

At Wilberforce, turn right into King Road (follow the signs to Ebenezer and Sackville). Travel along King Road for approximately five kilometres to Ebenezer.

At Ebenezer, turn right into Tizzana Road and follow the road for five kilometres (Large brown tourist signs are located at Ebenezer). Tizzana is located on the right-hand side of the road at 518 Tizzana Road. You can't miss us.

Directions to Tizzana from the Sydney-Newcastle Freeway, via Central Mangrove

Travelling south on the Sydney-Newcastle Freeway you will pass the fuel and rest stop at Tuggerah (refuel here if required).

Just after the Ourmbah Interchange (at the top of the hill) you will see the Peats Ridge Road Exit at Somersby on your left (signs will mention Central Mangrove). Take this exit - if you
miss this exit, continue to the end of the freeway at Hornsby.

Continue along Peats Ridge Road for approximately eight kilometres to Wisemans Ferry Road.

Continue along Wisemans Ferry Road to Central Mangrove then onto Spencer and Wisemans Ferry. Cross the Hawkesbury River on Wisemans Ferry vehicular ferry

Location of Tizzana in relation to Wisemans Ferry

At Wisemans Ferry travel along the Old Northern Road to Maroota.

At Marotta, turn right into Wisemans Ferry Road (follow the signs to Cattai and Windsor). Travel along Wisemans Ferry Road for approximately four kilometres to South Maroota.

At South Maroota, turn right into Sackville Ferry Road (follow signs to Ebenezer and Sackville). Continue along to the end of Sackville Ferry Road for approximately eleven kilometres to Sackville Ferry vehicular ferry. Cross the Hawkesbury River on the Sackville Ferry vehicular ferry.

Just after you depart the ferry (aproximately fifty metres), turn left into Tizzana Road. Follow Tizzana Road for four kilometres. Tizzana is located on the left-hand side of the road at 518 Tizzana Road. You can't miss us.

Accessing Tizzana from the Hawkesbury River

Location of Tizzana in relation to Hawkesbury River

Access to Tizzana from the Hawkesbury River can be made via a fisherman's access.

The fisherman's access is located approximately 3 kms upstream from the Sackville Ferry. Just before reaching Portland Reach, at the end of Sackville Reach, look out for the two churches - on the port side you will see the Wesleyan Methodist Church (built in 1884) and sandstone manse (built in 1879), while on the starboard side is the St Thomas Church of England (built in 1874). Once in Portland Reach and just after the St Thomas Church are a number of houses close to the river - the fisherman's access is located between the first and second house (the second house being an octagonal house).

Please also be aware that this fisherman's access crosses private property, so please keep the noise down to a minimum. Once you have made your way up to Tizzana Road, turn left and walk approximately 400 metres to the winery.

While onshore you may like to explore the St Thomas Cemetery. The cemetery is located just past the St Thomas Church on Tizzana Road and includes headstones dating back to 1827.

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